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When Matt Cameron, founder of LGBT Great, asked me to help him out on his initiative to highlight the role of LGBT persons in the Financial Investments Industry, I jumped at the chance of working for a great cause.

We started having discussions around what he'd like to see for a website, which already had a landing page setup on a webpage hosting website. I have never been a fan of these hosting services as they offer little choice about the services that can be integrated or the language you can use to code your website, this one specifically offered PHP. Also they charge a lot of money for simple things like SSL certificates which can now be generated for free via a brilliant service and Certificate Authorty called Let's Encrypt.

While these hosting services have a place on the web for individuals wanting a quick website with minimal knowledge or effort, Matt and I envisioned the LGBT Great website to be a growing platform where we could eventually have our members and readers interact online.

For us to achieve that goal, I decided on Digital Ocean's brilliant hosting servers which would allow me the freedom to choose the tools needed to expand on this. I had three tasks infront of me:

  1. Decide upon a platform that could be integrated with other services yet simple enough to feel uncluttered.
  2. Make the website secure.
  3. Integrate MailChimp to grow our readership.

The first task was the hardest simply because the ability of a blogging platform to be extended is probably the most important thing and all future decisions will be based on this one. I quickly narrowed down my choice to Ghost. It offers all of the above criteria and more. Ghost's templating system is powerful and separates the design from the coding.

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